Redfish Challenge

Join us for the 7th annual Salt Life Food Shack Redfish Challenge

This year will be another successful year as we continue to grow the Challenge and continue our exciting partnership with Fishing for Dreams – a local nonprofit organization who supports local children with life threatening medical conditions and families with special needs. Once again, all net proceeds from the Salt Life Food Shack Redfish Challenge will benefit this local organization to help a dream come true.



To stay up to date on this year's challenge, please visit our  Facebook page.


To register for the 2022 Redfish Challenge call Leroy Kinlaw at (904) 669-6440 or see Brian Beach at the St. Augustine Marina. All participants must fill out the Challenge Waiver. 

All captains must attend the Captain Meeting at Salt Life Food Shack in St. Augustine on January 12 at 6:30 pm. Captains can bring their filled-out waivers to the meeting or fill them out upon arriving. 


Up to $5,500 in cash and prizes*.

Challenge Dates:

February 1 — April 30, 2022
90 days to fish and you pick the best three!!

*Based on 40 entries. Up to 35 places rewarded with cash or prizes.
Follow us here to see who is leading the Challenge!

Challenge Competition Format

For additional information on the Challenge, please contact Leroy Kinlaw at (904) 669-6440.

1. Any act of a competitor, which reflects unfavorably upon SLFSRFC effort to promote fisheries conservation, clean waters, and courtesy, shall be reason for disqualification.  Anglers shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a professional manner that demonstrates integrity, honor, and respect toward fellow competitors, tournament staff and the general public and does not reflect unfavorable on SLFSRFC, its members, officers or representatives, tournament or sponsors.

2. All state rules and regulations apply to this Redfish Challenge.

3. All fish must be caught in salt water. All fishing is done from your boat.

4. All competition fishing hours start at Safelight and all anglers must return to the bait shack by 3:30pm. All anglers will receive a number card which will be provided by the “SLFSRCB” at the meeting. A cell phone or camera picture must be taken of the fish in the live-well the day the fish are caught. The picture must contain both the fish caught and the assigned number card. The picture must be texted to Leroy Kinlaw at 904-669-6440 or Deedo Nelson 904-669-5164.

5. Fishing days will be chosen by the anglers. Anglers must declare each chosen fishing day by 9 O’clock the night before prior to the start of their selected day to a member of the “SLFSRCB.”

6. There can only be one registered captain/guest per boat per competition day.

7. If you fish with a guest you must declare who your guest is.If there is a change it must be clarified by 8:00 the following day by board members.

8. No two captains can fish together at any time during declared fishing days.

9. On your declared day no boats are to come together at any point in time during tournament hours except for emergency purposes.

10. All fish must be caught by rod and reel. No more than two rods and reels can be in the water at any given time

11. Artificial lures and live bait permitted.

12. All Redfish caught during the competition must be weighed at the Bait Shack and a “weight card” must be completed, with date and time and left with the Bait Shack Official (maximum two Redfish per day).

13. If you fish with a guest you must declare who your guest is.If there is a change it must be clarified by 8:00 the following day by board members.

14. Every effort must be made to keep redfish alive.No mutilated, iced, or altered redfish shall be accepted.  All fish caught must be weighed in alive. If a dead fish is weighed in, as determined by the weight official, there will be a 1-pound penalty per each dead fish (maximum two Redfish per day).

15. If a redfish were to die at any time during your declared day, that fish must stay in your possession and be counted as one of your qualifying fish.

16. “SLFSRCB” will post (via Facebook) the qualifying weight for the three days of Round 1 competition based on the fish cards turned in.

17. Once your fish are officially documented on your “weight card,” your fishing day is over.

18. In the event of a tie, the person who has the largest fish (weight) will determine tie breaker.

19. “SLFSCB” Board Members: Leroy Kinlaw, Brian Beach, Deedo Nelson, David Brown. For information regarding this Redfish Challenge, please contact Leroy Kinlaw at 904-669-6440.

Challenge Sponsors

The Bait Shack