We love our Salty guests and crew. The health, safety, and wellbeing of our staff, customers and community is our number one priority. Salt Life Food Shack has always maintained the highest standards for cleanliness and sanitation and will continue this with vigilance. We will continue to monitor the situation and encourage everyone to make the safest decision for their wellbeing. To accommodate all of our Salty fans and their needs, we currently offer: DINE IN, OUTDOOR DINING, CURBSIDE PICK UP and DELIVERY.

Thank you again for your understanding and continued patronage during this time! If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please do not hesitate to ask to speak with a manager at your neighborhood Shack.

We want you each to stay safe, smart and Salty at heart.


Provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Deep clean the restaurant EACH NIGHT with a disinfectant fogger.

Provide masks upon request to each employee.

Sanitize the restaurant throughout the day, EACH DAY.

Provide you with a platform (Hot Schedules) to voice any concerns to management at any time.


Please do not come to work if you feel sick or have been in close contact and highly exposed to someone who is sick/COVID positive.

Please communicate with us immediately with any concerns that you have.

Please be safe, cautious and courteous at work.

Please be safe, cautious and courteous at home and in the world. Remember what we each do outside of work, can affect us all at work.

Please be kind to everyone around you. This is a terribly difficult time for most people. We need to be mindful of that when working and serving others.

Please let us know how we can help you. If you feel overwhelmed, we want to help where we can.

The hospitality industry is the single largest employer in our country. Unfortunately, given this statistic, the likelihood of a positive case taking place at any given restaurant is all but certain (or inevitable) in the current environment. That is neither a direct reflection of the restaurant or the employee. But rather the nature of an extremely contagious virus that has found its way into the depths of all industries, homes and communities alike. It is noteworthy that we perform deep cleaning/sanitizing foggers EACH night after closing for everyone’s continued safety. This is intended to be both preventative and responsive in nature.

Eat. Drink. And Be Salty.